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Why OQM®?

OQM® has supported organizations in over 70 countries in more than 20 years of research. We have created over 80,000 analysis profiles, identifying quality characteristics for sustainable growth that are valid for companies and associations.

Don't waste any more resources.

Instead, become an impetus for how to sustain an organization's mission.

There are many analysis tools and consulting approaches. As different as they are, they are similar in one respect: They devour resources and have hardly any sustainable effects.

A lot of idealism, time and money go into laborious processes from which measures are derived, which are little implemented and whose success is hardly measured.

All of this does nothing to help you fulfill your mission. Focus your energy and resources on growth principles that will make you fit as an organization, structurally, humanly and spiritually, to do what you set out to do sustainably.

Developing quality on the basis of the OQM® profile

In times of digital and agile transformation, OQM®️ sees itself as a navigator for the healthy further development of your organization.

We provide the „OQM®️ Profile,“ a comprehensive assessment tool that evaluates the organization in three dimensions: structural, human, and spiritual, to identify weaknesses and show potential for improvement.

You can get a first impression of OQM through our Quick Check, OQM Pulse, which you can request here free of charge.

Eight quality features as a key factor

At OQM, eight quality characteristics are the key factor for sustainable and exceptional growth in organizations.

They are examined with a survey and compared to results from other organizations. The following eight areas are examined in detail:

Our organic principles (Organic) combined with management methods (Quality) guide the right management decisions (Management).

Depending on the type of organization, these areas can be described differently, but the content of the principles behind them remains unchanged.

Developing effect through the organic principles of OQM®.

OQM® measures and develops the quality and health of an organization based on principles originally derived from cybernetics, systems theory and ecology.

Interconnectedness, Multiplication, Sustainability, Functionality, Energy Transformation and Symbiosis have been implemented very successfully in a large number of organizations and companies over the last 20 years, and their effectiveness has been scientifically proven. We call these six principles „organic principles“ because they take an organization seriously in its dimension as an organism.

What OQM® offers you

With OQM, you have a reliable partner at your side to help you successfully develop your organization. Our customized solutions, scientific expertise and many years of experience make us a unique provider in the industry.

organizational assessment

OQM provides you with a comprehensive assessment of your organization that not only looks at individual aspects, but takes into account all relevant dimensions - structural, human and spiritual. This holistic insight enables you to develop a comprehensive understanding of your organization and take targeted action for improvement. You can work specifically on strengths and identify weaknesses in order to further develop your organization in all areas.

Tailored for Christian nonprofit organizations

OQM was developed specifically for Christian, non-profit organizations and is therefore optimally tailored to your needs and requirements. We understand the unique values and principles that shape your organization and tailor our solutions accordingly. As a result, you can be assured that the improvement process is tailored to better serve your mission. In addition, you get access to a unique, biblically-based development platform and community.

Scientifically sound and proven in practice

With more than 20 years of intensive research and development and more than 60,000 investigations, we have in-depth knowledge and a unique data collection. Our principles and solutions are not only theoretically sound, but also successfully tested in practice. You can rely on proven methods that deliver sustainable improvements and measurable success.

Sustainable growth
and measurable success

Avoid wasting resources. Our organic principles guide you on your path to long-term and measurable success. Instead of short-term solutions, we offer you sustainable approaches and a toolbox that will develop your organization over the long term. You get not just a snapshot of your organization, but a roadmap for sustainable growth. Our principles enable you to react flexibly to changes and to successfully assert yourself in agile times.


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Meet the team

We are a passionate and solution-oriented team with a lot of experience in different areas and industries. Based in Germany, Switzerland and the USA, we look forward to supporting you.

Stephan Wesely

Senior consultant - PhD

Dr. Stephan Wesely is a co-founder of OQM® International and the consultant network EXAUDIT in Otterberg, Germany. He advices small and mid-sized organizations in the areas of strategy and executive development. Furthermore he is CFO of LifeLong INC in Spokane/Washington.


3208 Brookmont CIR
Antioch, TN 37013

Phone: +1 615 397 2215

Michael Rathgeb

Senior consultant - Dipl-Theol. (equivalent to MTh)

Michael Rathgeb is a communications scientist and theologian. He is a co-founder of OQM® International and advices small and mid-sized organizations in the areas of strategy and executive development. In addition to this he is a lecturer for Master Students at the DHBW Center for Advance Studies in Heilbronn, Germany.


Lessingstraße 12
CH 9008 St. Gallen

Phone: +41 76 – 501 38 18

Albert Brückmann

Senior Consultant B.A. Online Media

Albert Brückmann is a media IT specialist and digital marketing professional with a theological background. At OQM, he leads the way in digitization and technology. Additionally, as the CEO of Meminto GmbH, he ignites a passion for individuals to contemplate their legacy and capture their life stories in priceless books.


Wasemweg 5
DE 74821 Mosbach

Phone: +49 6261 8469722

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